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2024 Training Camp

By jouameng
11/27/2018 1:08 pm
The Browns certainly came out of this draft pretty happy taking 16 players overall. 11 players had great training camps while 5 came in and underwhelmed but with a draft class that overall went +8, there' not much to complain about. Hopefully this draft class can help turn this organization around sooner rather than later.

CB Lawrence Wing - 1.9, The prize of the draft boomed for us and will slide in immediately as the #1 starting cover corner for this team.

CB Vince Kelly - 1.27, Wing's partner in crime, Kelly also had a nice turnout at training camp and should play right away as a starter opposite Wing.

WR Richard Grimm - 2.3, Needing some speed in our WR we decided on Grimm who had a not too shabby training camp coming in at a +3 to his potential and is the #1 WR we were looking for when we grabbed him.

CB Chad Irwin - 2.10, Irwin had an awful training camp in which he went from hopeful starter to a depth piece, possibly a cap casualty later on down the road.

CB Ricky Williams - 2.20, Williams did really well for himself going +6 potential wise and is a lock for the slot position this coming year.

MLB Robert Kirsch - 2.24, A wasted pick in which the queue wasn't set, cut as soon as picked. For those who are curious, he busted.

LG Robert Vinson - 3.13, A hopefully starter, Vinson couldn't handle the pressure as he busted and now just looks like a solid backup.

RG Jerome Seidman - 3.26, A complete bust, Seidman might as well have not shown up. He'll be cut following this Midweek sim.

RDE Richard Wilkes - 4.27, Wilkes did very well for himself, going +5 and looks to be the successor at the RDE position in the near future.

DT Leon Lott - 4.28, Simply drafted to be a depth piece, he proved to be just that after a middling training camp in which he busted.

LT Jeffrey Tomberlin - 5.2, A late round surprise, Tomberlin has solidified him as a potential star in the league after a +10 potential boost after training camp. Definitely needs time to develop though.

LDE Nathan Neel - 5.15, Another player drafted to be depth, Neel came in and had a good camp going +2 and looks to be a solid back up when called upon.

MLB Lee Merriman - 5.25, Merriman had a phenomenal training camp which almost assures that he slides into the starting MLB position for this Browns squad.

CB Richard Colosimo - 5.27, Another stab in the dark, Colosimo did enough for himself in camp to solidify himself a spot on this squad.

RT Alan Lopes - 6.3, Possibly the steal of the draft, Lopes only went +2 but that was enough to give him the talent to become a cornerstone at the RT position for years to come.

LG Morris Robbins - 6.14, Robbins himself had a decent time at training camp looking like a potential starter and above average back up.

SS Antonio Mendez - 7.28, Mendez was a flier to come in and be a back up at the SS position. Even though he busted, he did enough to keep his roster spot as a below average, albeit serviceable back up.

Re: 2024 Training Camp

By Cdog13157
11/27/2018 3:30 pm
Dang you guys had a nice training camp but bad for me I gotta play you twice this year.

Last edited at 11/27/2018 3:34 pm

Re: 2024 Training Camp

By outdooreli
11/27/2018 8:43 pm
As a real-life browns fan for 37 years, I can attest to these facts:

1. This year is always "the year" for the Browns. If not, next year is "the year"
2. The drafts are always good, until you look back a few years later and say "Courtney Brown? Brandon Weeden? Johnny Manziel? Trent Richardson? that one guy who was supposed to be good? what the heck were we thinking?
3. The Browns will definitely pull Browns moves. Need to make a field goal to tie the game? Missed. Need to get a stop on fourth and eight? First down. Pull off a great play? Holding. Sign a great player? Injured. Only the almighty Joe Thomas bucked the trend.

That said, good luck to your Browns. I own the Browns franchise in MFN-48 and we just won the League Championship last season. I don't think the real-life browns will ever match that feat.

Re: 2024 Training Camp

By GrandadB - League Admin
11/29/2018 4:29 pm
The Jets 1.29 pick, CB/S M Daniel was the lone bright spot in TC, but if you're only gonna get one boomer, its nice to have it at a priority position. Big risk taking a first rounder with 90 vol, but it paid off this time with a +13 gain in value, he will be moving up the depth chart.