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Re: 2027 mock draft

By birn
6/04/2019 2:04 pm
1. Tampa Bay
Team needs: CB, LB, LT
The bottom feeder of the league could start by stopping the hemorrhage of yards allowed by its defense. Finding a quality corner or three could help. Adding help in the middle of the defense to help stud LB Richard Jensen out would be quite nice as well. Finding a franchise LT could go a long way towards maximizing the talent the team already has at it's skill positions.
Their pick: CB William Collazo
A plug and play starter that will go a long way toward fixing up Tampa's leaky defense. He should lock down opponents #1 receivers for as long as he plays.

2. Seattle
Team needs: RB, RG, DE
A crap AI team? No way. Seattle would benefit from a talented running back as to juice up it's stagnant offense. Adding a road grader on the line would also help fire up a dead offense. On the defensive side, someone who generate some sacks on an otherwise slow defense would be a major help.
Their pick: RG Jamie Dupre
An absolute monster in both the pass and run game with the ability to play all 5 spots on the line. A guaranteed 10+ starter and my pick for HOF out of this draft.

Team needs: CB, RDE, LB
Its almost as if AI teams are bad at retaining talent. Perhaps that's why they aren't usually good. To begin with, Philly currently only has two corners on its roster, and they are not good. They can build off of their underrated pass defense (yardage wise) by adding a quality cover man. They could also do so by adding another bookend pass rusher to complement DE Charles Brooks. Continuing on the defense, two of the three starting LB's are over 30 and Phiily needs to look at a future replacement or even a day one starter.
Their pick: RDE Thanh Wilson
Philadelphia decides that boosting the D-line will solve their defensive woes. Wilson is widely agreed upon to be the most well-rounded D-lineman in this draft.

4. Kansas City
Team needs: WR, MLB, CB
With a good draft Kansas City has a shot of going worst to first in possibly the weakest division in the DFL. To begin with, an elite wide receiver would fit perfectly in Kansas City's pass happy scheme desperately in need of a true #1 target. MLB Samuel Isaacs is nearing the end of an illustrious career, all with the Chiefs. Even if they might not be able to send him off with a win, the least they could do is assure that his legacy is in good hands by drafting his successor and allowing said rookie to learn the ropes from an all time great. And in case anyone decides to give Kansas City a taste of its own medicine, a corner would not be a bad choice either.
Their pick: WR Mark Culp
Despite concerns about the level of competition Culp faced during his college years, he clearly has has all the tools to succeed at the next level. Expect him to push 1,000 yards and possibly the receiving yards title in Kansas City's pass happy attack

5. Carolina
Team needs: LT, WLB, CB
On the topic of weak divisions, Carolina can also take control of their division with a few good moves. A tackle that can actually block will go a long way towards reviving a dead offense. Adding a linebacker who both cover and run stop will be a boon for the defense. Additionally, adding help for veteran CB Donnie Mcknight will also fix a leaky defense.
Their pick: FS Frank Glaude
The 3 year starter for the vaunted Ducks defense will now travel across the nation to hopefully lead a defensive turnaround for Carolina. Glaude has the ability to play anywhere in the back end, and pairs his elite cover skill with run stopping ability.

6. Jacksonville
Team needs: WR, TE, S
After a questionable firing of their young front office and coaching staff, Jacksonville is hoping a change to the "AI" strategy will do them some good. Any additions to the pass catching corps, whether it be receiver or tight end, will help an offense stuck in dead water last year. On the defensive side, both safeties, are nearing retirement, and solidifying the back end can go a long way towards solidifying the 2nd worst defense from last season.
Their pick: TE Tony Guy
A throwback to the days of dual threat tight ends, Guy can burn you down the seam or maul you in the run game.

7. Los Angeles(A)
Team needs: WR, DE, RB
A receiver to give the 2 currently on the roster a breather and QB Tim Gonzales another target is dearly needed. A replacement for when DE Ernest Ashurst finally retires is also on the bucket list. On the topic of backups and offensive help, perhaps a rookie to sit and learn behind RB Lyman Davidson isn't bad either.
Their pick: WR Francisco Veale
Without a doubt, Veale can step in and for one of the better offensive skill cores in the league with QB Tim Gonzales, RB Lyman Davidson, WR Danial Michel, Veale, and a strong O-line

8. Oakland
Team needs: CB, WR, LT
Oakland currently has one serviceable corner on it's roster, while most teams carry two or even three starting caliber corners. Oakland also only had two legitimate targets in Jose Jones and Colin Soltys, both of whom are better in the short to intermediate range, making a need for a burner to stretch the field. However, if your left tackle has the blocking ability of a napkin, your no going to complete any passes anyways so a solid blindside protector is needed.
Their pick: RT James Burnett
The Outland trophy award winner will come in and help form what may be one of the best O-lines in the league. He can fill the void at left tackle or perhaps John Adams switches to left and Burnett slides in at right.


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