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Tampa Bay Keeps it Going in a Fight for 6th Seed

By meatball2008
2/08/2018 10:28 am
After starting the season 0-3, following a long awaited playoff berth the year before, fans wanted coach Daniel Heyward fired! After winning 10 of 11, including a huge upset over Atlanta in November, they are now in the thick of the playoff race. This time of year every loss is devastating, and could knock them out.

The race for the 6 seed is still heavy in the National Conference.
Tampa holds it now, but New Orleans and New York(N) are chomping at the bit to grab it for themselves.

*Tampa (10-4) is a heavy favorite this week against Green Bay( 2-12), but then has to head into Detroit (11-2-1) who has won their division already.

* New Orleans (9-4-1) has a tough final two games. NO matches up against Cincinnati (8-6) and division leader Atlanta (13-1). If they are to win out and Tampa loses at least one, NO should slid into the 6th seed. If they lose one-win one AND Tampa loses two, they can still get in because of the tie early in the season.

* New York N (8-6) has a very favorable schedule by playing Minnesota (1-13) and Washington (5-9). They would need both Tampa Bay and NO to lose out. If either are to win, New York is eliminated.

... If I am mistaken anywhere, please comment and let me know! I coach Tampa Bay, so I thought this would be fun. Hopefully our whole league can start a news type dialogue to have fun with. I think if everyone were there own beat writer, that would make things even more enjoyable.

Re: Tampa Bay Keeps it Going in a Fight for 6th Seed

By meatball2008
2/12/2018 10:08 am
After losing to Detroit worse than the 17-6 score indicates, there will be a rematch in the first round of the playoffs!
Tampa Bay will look to see what worked and what didn't work, and hopefully make the right adjustments.

Detroit will be 6 point favorites going in.